To our Friends and Neighbors,

In the last 75 years many things have changed for the Brooklawn Volunteer Fire Company.  One thing that has not changed is the fact that it remains a ALL VOLUNTEER fire company and not a paid or part paid company.  Most of out neighboring communities have had to go to a fire service that is at least partially paid.  In many instances this is due at least in part to a lack of volunteers.

Keeping the Brooklawn Fire Company an all volunteer agency unquestionably saves Boro residents a great deal of money.  So far this year we have been able to maintain a response rate of 100% but without new members this may not be able to continue

As a volunteer firefighter you will have access to the same training available to paid firefighters at no cost to you.  You will truly be part of a TEAM and you will be able to feel the pride of being part of your community, not just a resident in a community.

SO, won't you JOIN US in protecting YOUR community?  Drop us a note on the return slip on our current fund drive, by leaving a message at the firehouse by phone at 856-456-2101, send us an email at Volunteer ( ) thru our face book page or reach out to any current member.   Hope to hear from you soon!